Frichnick Miniatures

Dawson's Gracious

Grace was our first mare and will be with us forever! She's a 33.75" granddaughter of Bond Showboy and has yet to produce a foal that is anything less than show quality or over 34". They're always Arab in type, have long, arched necks, and beautiful heads with that teacup muzzle.

Goat Hill's Just Bananas N Cream

"Camie" is a 34 inch buckskin pinto daughter of Sami's Just Bananas Impact, a 30" buckskin pinto son of Shadow Oaks Top Banana. She has produced 2 of our smallest fillies, one being 29.5" at 4yrs and the other 26" as a yearling. She has a very quiet and gentle nature and passes that on as well as her refinement and correct conformation.

Sante Fe Trail Painted Lady

Lady is a 34.5" AMHR sorrel roan frame & one of the sweetest mares we've ever owned. She has produced a wide variety of colors but always with refinement & her super gentle nature. She goes back to AMHA lines & has consistently produced foals maturing under 32".

Doug's Jewel "B"

Jewel is 34" one of the sweetest horses we've ever owned as well as one of the best producers. Her foals are refined, often loud colored, and always very small. She goes back to "Moto" lines on her dam's side and is a granddaughter of Del Whistler on her sire's.

Shirlee Sheez Special

"Shirlee" is 32 inches and a solid black Arab type mare with a mischievous but delightful personality. She's a granddaughter of V's Pretty Peggy "Moto" on the sire's side and goes back to East Acres Golden Jubilee twice on her dam's. We have high expectations in the quality of her foals yet to come.

Sunrae's Shawnee

Shawnee is a 34" palomino granddaughter of Iowa's Little Kernel. She's an eye-catching mare, Arab in type, with an irregular wide blaze, 1 high rear sock, and a partial blue eye. We're very excited to have added this reknowned bloodline to our herd and are hoping for more like her 2001 filly, a very refined and loud colored buckskin pinto with blue eyes!

Sunrae's Look At Me

"Dakota" is a lovely 31" daughter of Deile's Mini Black, son of Wittmaack's Mickey Mouse and Ayer's Mini Black Beauty. She's a true black of Arab type, possessing that beautiful head with huge eyes, traits we'll hopefully continue to see by this introduction of Mickey Mouse and his Gold Melody Boy line. Her 2001 filly was a gorgeous black and white pinto only 18" tall at birth.

Frichnick's On Cloud Nine

Nina is 34' & AMHA/AMHR. Her loud coloring along with one blue eye makes her quite a standout & she has been producing the same in her foals. Her dam is Van't Huttenest bred & her sire is Jackson's White Cloud, a son of Wild Streak & grandson to East Acres Golden Jubilee. She has the perfect blend of wild coloring with Arab type that we've been breeding for.

Frichnick's Every Cloud Has One

Sylvie is as close to perfect as they come; truly an Arab in miniature with a gorgeous head & perfect type, all on 30.5'. She's AMHA/AMHR & a daughter to our Grace who is a Bond Showboy granddaughter, sired by Jackson's White Cloud(Wild Streak son, East Acres Golden Jubilee grandson). We're extremely proud of Sylvie and what she has produced for us.

Frichnick's Lucky As Can "B"

Charm is AMHR and 29" as a 2 yr old. She's Arab in type and extremely correct for such a small size. Her dam is our Jewel, a "Moto" bred mare and her sire is Fergie's Lucky Medicine Hat. Lucky is a medicine hat tovero son of Wild Streak that has been consistently producing loud colors in a small, refined package.

Sold to Charlee Messick of Virginia.